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Where to paddle in the Cape Fear region?

The first question most people ask about kayaking is "Where do I go?"

It's obviously a great question, but like many great questions, there are multiple answers. Do you want to see the beach? Are you cool with paddling through a cypress swamp? Are you going to want to jump out and swim while you're enjoying the day? Scroll down for some ideas (and if you decide to book a boat with us we will go over these ideas with you to get you in the right boat at the right location!

Salt Water! - Especially during the summer, hitting the Intracoastal Waterway is a very popular choice. With many public access points in Wrightsville Beach, as well as Trail's End Park, getting to the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) is easy!

Fresh to Brackish Water! - Many creeks meander through New Hanover County and even Downtown Wilmington. There are paddles for all skill levels in the Cape Fear. One of our favorite freshwater sites is Greenfield Lake, where you can paddle among cypress trees, maybe see an alligator or two, and forget that you are just blocks away from a bustling downtown!

Our goal in renting kayaks to customers is to get them in the right body of water for what they want to do. The wind and tide may also play a factor in where we suggest you explore. Let us use our local knowledge as we help create a safe, enjoyable experience!

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