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Meet the Owners

Steve and Amy have been paddling, boating, swimming and surfing around Masonboro Island and Wrightsville beach since the early 90’s when they attended UNCW.

Amy has a Masters in Marine Biology and spent years literally waist-deep in marsh mud in pursuit of her degree. She still loves the marshes, but now prefers to glide over and around the Spartina, not muck through it. 
Steve is a science teacher with nearly 30 years of experience both in the classroom and in the great outdoors, spending many days teaching summer programs on Masonboro Island, as well as the surrounding beaches and marshes. If it crawls, swims, slithers, or flies, he’s probably seen it before and has an interesting story about that critter. 
We both love the beauty of the areas surrounding the bustling activity in our growing region, and find it amazing that one can leave that hectic world behind, and in a few minutes be alone in the marshes with nothing but the egrets, some mullets (the fish, not the hair style), and maybe a dolphin or two. 
Based on where you are putting your boats in, we can tell you the best places to go, what the tides are doing, and just as importantly, what to avoid on your kayak adventure. 
We really hope you come to appreciate why we think this area is so special!

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