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Renting Kayaks - an Easier Way to Share Your Love for the Water With Your Friends.

Face it, you might have gotten the kayak bug, bought the boat, racks for your car, all the gear, and you’re ready to go! But now you want to take a non-kayaking friend along and to do so you’ll have to start over with a new boat, PFD, paddle, straps for the roof rack, etc. And if you want to bring more than one friend along, you then have to have a second vehicle with a rack.

So now to take your guests, who may never paddle with you again (strangely not everyone enjoys paddling), you’ll have to drop at least $1,000 for gear that never gets used.

This is the conundrum that spawned our idea of kayak delivery. Now you don’t have to worry about storage, going to the shop, car-topping boats that aren’t yours, and the cleanup that you know your friends won’t help you with after they borrow your precious kayaks and gear.

Call or email us, let us know your situation, and we will custom-build a kayak rental experience that works for you. We can meet you at the boat ramp, or wherever you want to launch. Or maybe you have room on your cartop for one more kayak. In that case we bring the boat to you and you can drive it wherever you are kayaking.

If your friends like it, they can rent again the next time, or maybe they will share your addiction to being on the water, and they will buy their own stuff!

Trailering your boats lets you bring along more paddling fun, but is another level of investment

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