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Getting Out When The Weather Is Keeping You In

We've all been there - planned a day out on the water, then when the time comes, BOOM! Thunder, lightning, wind, rain, the works!

Fortunately, these events usually come and go within an hour our two in the Cape Fear region, and if you're patient enough you can get back out there safely and still enjoy your planned trip.

Checking the weather is always part of planning an outdoor event, especially if you're trying to schedule something, like say a kayak rental! With Masonboro Paddle Company, you can feel confident that you're not going to shell out your cash, have your kayaks delivered, then not get to use them. If you get rained out, our first option will be to extend your rental period so you get to actually be in the boat for your rental time. If that doesn't work for you, we'll give you your money back. Period.

Your best bet, especially in the Summer months around Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington, and Masonboro Island, is to get out there in the morning, before the afternoon thunderstorms kick up, or be ready to put in at an alternate location. It might be raining on one end of the island, but not at the other end. And often, if a storm does kick up, it usually doesn't last longer than an hour.

And getting out on the water after the storm has passed can be super enjoyable! While you were waiting out the storm, so were the shorebirds, who will be getting out there for their post-storm meal as you paddle by. (and there probably won't be too many humans out there yet)

In short, don't let the weather get you down! You're going to get wet when you paddle, just be willing to get a little more wet on occasion.

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