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What do we get with a rental?

You get a boat customized for the needs of each person in your party, a paddle, Coast Guard approved PFD, safety whistle, and some basic paddling instructions to make your paddling experience enjoyable.

Where do we meet?

That’s up to you! If you are staying somewhere with access to the water, we can deliver to your address. We can also meet you at one of several public launch sites. Just show up ready to go, and your boats will be ready for you!

Based on where you are scheduled to have the boats delivered, we can give you a summary of the places to check out, as well as the places to avoid. Sometimes the currents may be treacherous, other places may have a lot of powerboat traffic. No matter where you access the water though, we’ve been there and know the best way to enjoy a day on the water.

It starts when you say so! One of our frustrations when going on vacations and renting boats has been waiting in the morning for the shop to open, or rushing back before it closes. We LOVE dawn paddles! And if you do, too, we can meet at the dock before sunrise and get you on the water to watch the sun come up over the Atlantic. We also love evening paddles, though we’re going to have to gear up a little for that (waterproof flashlights!)

Where should we paddle?

A half day is 4 hours. When does that start?

What do we get with a tour?


If you take a tour, you get instruction on how to operate your boat, a safety session in which we talk about the current conditions and how they can be expected to change, and a guide to get you out in nature and back to the dock safely. Tours include narration of interesting animals, plants, and other things sighted along the way, usually a group photo to remember your adventure, and hopefully some awesome memories of your day on the water!

Who will be with us on our tour?

Very simply, unless you sign up for a pre-scheduled event, you will be with your group of people and our guides, and nobody else. Yeah, we could make more money per trip by taking out 10 strangers, but we enjoy letting our clients paddle at their own pace without worrying about another group that is on tour with you. Do you like to paddle fast and get there ASAP? Cool. We'll race with you. Or, if you prefer to creep along, observe everything you see, or just drift with the tidal current, that's what we'll do. Your trip, your pace. Your private guide.

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