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Special Events

Most of the experiences we provide are customized for you and your group, and parties are not mixed into one tour.
The events on this page are open to all, with a maximum of 8 people.
A great way to meet others on a trip you won't forget!

July 29 and 30 Sunset Paddles

Join us as we explore the marshes behind Masonboro Island for a twilight paddle. The moon will be rising before sunset and you'll get a spectacular twilight view of both the sun and the moon on opposite sides of the sky. This is an active time for water birds as they head to their roosts for the night.

Paddle starts at 6PM and ends between 8:30 and 9 PM. Bring your flashlight!


July/August Sunrise Paddles

Early riser? Join us in July and August for paddles that depart at 6AM and return around 8AM (or schedule a longer tour if you wish)

Sign Up!

Sunrise/Sunset Paddle events are $40 per person, with an 8 person limit. (minimum of 2 people) Go to the Contact Page and request a booking for any of the events listed above.

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